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Goals & Progress

 We did it!   Thank you to our donors for helping us reach our $2 million goal for the Life.Giving.Care. Campaign.  All additional contributions will be used for other projects within the renovation.   Your generosity and dedication to your community is part of what makes our hospital so special.

The estimated cost of this project is nearly $14 million, with construction to begin in 2015 and the expansion and renovation to be completed in 2017. To help cover these costs, our campaign goal is to raise $2 million right here in our community.



The Need

One of our young patients.

One of our young patients.

Expanded space in our emergency department is an urgent priority. Since our emergency facilities were last renovated in 1995, our ER and Urgent Care visits have increased 50%. Every year, nearly 20,000 of our patients and their families count on these facilities to meet their most critical, life-saving needs – more than double the number the ER was designed to accommodate. Along with our growing service area, this number is expected to continue increasing.

In addition to the need for more space, we have seen patient and family expectations evolve along with technological advances and service models. We heard the concerns of our community and we have listened to them: we don’t just need more space, we need a different kind of space that is more efficient, more private and has better technology.

Stoughton Hospital has crafted a comprehensive plan that will go further than just meeting current, critical needs. The plan we have identified will help us exceed customer expectations and will further differentiate our already distinguished hospital as Dane County’s hidden gem: a small, community hospital, with the services, amenities, staff and state-of-the-art technologies to remain competitive with even the biggest hospitals. Making these improvements now will greatly improve our ability to provide state-of-the-art, life giving care; will allow us to continue to attract the top talent that we currently do; and will keep the high-quality healthcare that our community deserves close to home.

Current Needs Include:

  • Patient volume demands have outgrown current design
  • Individual room size challenges optimal patient comfort
  • Current design challenges the ability to meet patient privacy and security expectations
  • Current design creates accessibility challenges for some patients
  • The need for lab space and services has outgrown current design
  • Demand for day surgery specialties and accommodations for visiting physician specialists have outgrown current design
  • Up-to-date advances in equipment, technology, and patient expectations, have out-paced our current facility design

The Solution

Stoughton Hospital has developed a comprehensive plan that will help us provide the life giving care our community deserves right now and for future generations. Our comprehensive plan is rooted in the following overall objectives:

  • To continue to offer state-of-the-art care for our generation and the next
  • To provide a great patient and family experience, every time
  • To surpass customer service and quality expectations
  • To exceed expectations for safety and security

Our comprehensive plan includes the following renovation and expansion initiatives:
Adding and enhancing specialized treatment rooms in the Emergency Department, including:

  • A Behavioral Health room to keep our patients who may become confused or suicidal safe
  • Two isolation treatment rooms to protect those patients with infections from other patients in the department. These are used for patients with chicken pox, measles, respiratory infections, etc
  • A bariatric room with specialized equipment to help care for and treat larger patients.
  • Secured access to patient care areas for the safety of patients and staff
  • Two specialized, private trauma rooms
  • One specialized pediatric room
  • Decontamination area
  • Two bay ambulance garage

Expanding Day Surgery and Ambulatory Infusion Center to meet growing volumes, including:

  • All private patient rooms
  • Two specialized bariatric rooms with specialized equipment to help care for and treat larger patients
  • Separate area for Ambulatory Infusion Center patients (these are patients who come in for IV antibiotics, blood transfusions, etc.)
  • Secured access to patient care areas for safety.
  • Adding four private registration stations and a waiting area. This will decrease confusion and make registration a smoother and a more private process.
  • Incorporating four physician clinic exam rooms to allow for visiting specialists and expansion of physician staff.
  • Providing access to needed specialists decreases the need for our community members to travel for necessary services.
  • Improving our Lab area to increase staff efficiency and decrease turn-around times and patient wait times.
  • Increasing overall ease of hospital navigation to improve patient and visitor experiences.

Campaign Supporters


1. What is the Life. Giving. Care. campaign?
Our community campaign entitled, “Life. Giving. Care” is a $2 million project that will help fund: the expansion and renovation of the Emergency Department, including urgent care; expanded and improved day surgery facilities; a larger and more efficient hospital lab; improved bariatric care for patients challenged by overweight or obesity conditions; better patient access centers; and overall improved access, accommodations and technologies for hospital patients and their families. The project will allow Stoughton Hospital to better serve those in our service area, including, but not limited to; Stoughton, Oregon, Evansville, Cottage Grove, Deerfield and McFarland and to proactively serve increasing numbers of patients over the next decade.

2.Why is the campaign needed? What are the project’s priorities?
This project’s priorities include: improving patient outcomes and their overall quality of care; increasing patient privacy, comfort and confidentiality; strengthening amenities for patients and their families; enhancing the Hospital’s ability to attract top doctors; and securing the future of Stoughton Hospital so that we can continue to provide the state-of-the-art care our community has come to expect. This campaign is being launched in response to a direct and urgent need. Our Emergency Room (ER) and Urgent Care volumes have increased nearly 50% since our facilities were last renovated in 1995. In addition to this increase, patient expectations have evolved, along with technological advances.

3. How does Stoughton Hospital thrive within the highly competitive Madison-area health care market?
Stoughton Hospital provides exceptional, nationally recognized, patient-centered healthcare close to home. Our goal has never been to compete with the Madison hospitals, but rather to complement/augment the services available there. At Stoughton Hospital, we know what we do well and we also know what larger hospitals are better equipped to handle. In those cases, referrals/transfers are made expeditiously for the well-being of our patients. We are unique in our dedication to providing top-quality services in a smaller, more community-like setting. Consistently noted for our high levels of patient satisfaction, our uncompromising standard of care and commitment to excellence allows us to attract the best medical staff, a unique ability for a community hospital. Stoughton Hospital credentials primary care physicians and specialists from all the major systems, as well as independent specialists, and is a provider for all area HMOs from Dane County as well as many commercial insurance plans, PPOs, Blue Cross, Humana, Alliance and others.

4. How will this campaign impact the hospital’s annual fund?
The annual fund may be impacted by donors redirecting their gifts to the Capital Campaign, but typically the total percentage lost is quite small. Campaigns are an exciting, time-limited endeavor that can re-engage a constituency in a way that is positive for an annual fund after a campaign concludes.

5. Are you concerned about approaching the same potential donors as in the past?
Stoughton Hospital is supported by donors that live in its service communities because these are the individuals who benefit most from its services. Because this is a community campaign, it is very unlikely that support will come from outside of the area unless particular individual / corporation / foundation has a connection with the Stoughton community or hospital. Past giving is a key indicator of a donor’s interest and investment. The Foundation has not had a capital campaign for more than 15 years so a sufficient amount of time has passed, and our campaign leadership is confident that our community will embrace this project and see its importance.

6. Will you have named giving opportunities?
Yes, named giving opportunities are available. Please contact Stoughton Hospital Foundation Director Mary Link at 608-873-2328 for a current list of those still available.

7. How can I make a gift to the campaign?
Stoughton Hospital will accept one-time or multi-year (up to a three year pledge period) pledges electronically, face-to-face, through the mail, or at

8. What will happen to our gift if the campaign does not reach its goal?
We are confident that the campaign will be successful. However, if the campaign does not reach its full goal, the project will not be executed in the way that it is planned now. Your gift will still support the overall project, but details will have to be scaled according to the new budget and/or the hospital will have to cover other costs through alternative financing.

9. Will hospital services be reduced during the project?
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. While we will do all we can to minimize any disruption of hospital services during the project, patients should expect some traffic pattern changes during the project. As always, our committed volunteers will be available to help guide patients and our goal will be to complete the project as quickly as possible.

10. It looks like there is construction going on around the hospital now, have you started your project already?
We’ve yet to break ground on our hospital renovation and expansion initiative. The activity around the hospital now is related to infrastructure work being completed on Church/Ridge Streets and the main public parking lot for the Hospital that was approved by the City last fall. These improvements are supportive of, but separate from the Ambulatory Expansion/Renovation Project.

Newsroom/Stay Connected

Life.Giving.Care. Campaign Launches at Stoughton Hospital

 Building on its strong tradition as a deeply rooted community resource, Stoughton Hospital officially broke ground on Thursday, October 29 on a $13 million renovation and expansion project.

The project, which is being constructed by Janesville-based JP Cullen, is slated to be completed in early 2017.  It will encompass the Emergency Department, Urgent Care and other key areas designed to provide more space, expand services, and improve the overall customer experience.

“Since our emergency room was last renovated in 1995, our ER and Urgent Care visits have more than doubled,” said Stoughton Hospital President and CEO Terry Brenny. “Our current facilities were simply not designed for the nearly 20,000 annual visits we see each year.”

Over the past couple years and based on feedback from its customers and service communities, the Hospital has developed a comprehensive plan.   This renovation project helps bring major parts of that plan to life.

Other aspects of the project that will directly impact care include having all private rooms, making improvements to the lab and Ambulatory Infusion Center and adding more space for day surgery and clinical offices for physicians and visiting specialists as well as another ambulance bay.

Underscoring these components will be others designed to make registration and overall navigation easier.   Reducing the confusion people can feel when visiting a medical facility is a strong focus of current healthcare design.

“Our communities told us that didn’t just want more space they wanted a different kind of space ” said Brenny.

Sponsored by the Stoughton Hospital Foundation, the goal of the Life.Giving.Care Campaign is to raise $2 million toward the $13 million total cost.  The rest of the project will be funded through traditional financing and hospital savings.  Stoughton arear residents, Bill Mansfield and Peter Sveum are co-chairing the campaign which has already raised over $1.58 million toward its goal.

According to Mansfield, “Everyone should be invested in keeping our community hospital strong.    Not only does the hospital provide exceptional care when it’s most need, but it’s also a vital economic partner adding about $2.4 million in community benefits services in the past year.”



Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in the Life. Giving. Care. Capital Campaign to support our renovation and expansion project at Stoughton Hospital.  The needs being addressed by this project are necessary and will keep our community hospital competitive.

Over the past 111 years, our hospital has become much more than just a provider of quality healthcare; it’s a fundamental part of the fabric of our community.  Despite its smaller size, this true community hospital continues to provide award-winning, nationally-recognized care comparable to larger hospitals.  The culture-of-excellence that defines Stoughton Hospital earns the trust of our patients every day.

We believe Stoughton Hospital is a true cornerstone of our community, providing benefits beyond excellent patient care that include many jobs and positive influences on our local economy that improve the overall quality of life for everyone in the hospital’s service area.

We’re supporting this project because it will have a widespread positive impact on the quality of the healthcare services available right here at home, not only for us, but for our families, friends and neighbors.  But we need your help to make all of these improvements a reality.

We need you to partner with us if we are to maximize the potential our hospital has to provide the high quality care we have all come to expect so close to home.  We are confident this project will not only meet current critical needs, but also address patient, family and community expectations for years to come.

We invite you to explore our plans in more detail and respectfully ask you to consider making a gift to our campaign.  We welcome your interest and support and please ask us about the campaign if you see us around town!

Life. Giving. Care.

At Stoughton Hospital, we’re Building on a Tradition of Compassion and Trust for Generations to Come!

Bill Mansfield and Peter Sveum
Capital Campaign Co-Chairs


Campaign Cabinet

Honorary Co-Chairs
Jerry and Judy Gryttenholm
Dr. Dave and Ann Nelson
Don and Carol Wahlin

Bill Mansfield
Peter Sveum

Cabinet Members
Jim Alonzo
Terry Brenny
Kay Davis
Marv Klitzke
Cindy McGlynn
Liz Nelson
Randy Olson
Eric Olson
Dr. Sarjoo Patel
Matt Roethe
Mark Rostowfske
Kent Schroeder
Tina Strandlie
Steve Swanson
Ken Wahlin
Tracy Wurtzler



Our Campaign Supporters

(as of March 3, 2016)

Edwin E. & Janet L. Bryant Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999

$250,000 – $499,999

$100,000 – $249,999
Wahlin Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999
Innovative Hospitalist Solutions & Consulting
Madison Radiologists SC

$25,000 – $49,999
JPC Foundation
Marv and Bert Klitzke
Bill and Beverly Mansfield
Moyer’s Inc.
Dr. David L. and Ann N. Nelson
TRICOR Insurance & Brad Schroeder, Stoughton Office


$10,000 – $24,999
Terry and Carolyn Brenny
Cress Funeral and Cremation Services
Dan & Jodi Hanson
Chuck Housner & North Star Resource Group
Elnora Johnson
Kent Knutson
McFarland State Bank
Dan and Cindy McGlynn
Karen and Craig Myers
Partners of Stoughton Hospital
Quam’s Marine & Motor Sports
Mark and Cheryl Rostowfske
Greg adn Dawn Shaw
Bob and Meg Veek
Kenneth and Catherine Wahlin

$5,000 – 9,999
John Burns
Dr. Steven Diebold
Harold Eggleson
Jerry and Judy Gryttenholm
Joseph and Marylis Hansen
James and Marian Johnson
Dean and Kati Kresge
Pat and Donna Nowlin
Christopher Schmitz
Shillelagh Foundation
Paul and Andrea Speth
Julie Stenbroten
Doug and Linda Stolen
Troy and Lynn Wieser
Tracy and Wally Wurtzler
UW Medical Foundation

Contact the Foundation

Stoughton Hospital Foundation
900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589
Fax: 608.873.2355
Mary Link
Foundation Director
Phone: 608.873.2328
Sarah Rushlow
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 608.873.2334