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Stoughton Hospital Food & Nutrition Services

The Louis Pasteur Award for Performance Improvement* was presented to Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) for their work on reducing supply costs by going green.  FNS received feedback from customers indicating they would like an alternative to single-use Styrofoam and plastic. FNS looked into different options to meet the needs of their customers and decided to purchase a reusable 9”x9”x3.5” to-go container for those that want to ‘go green”. Customers can participate by paying a $6 fee to cover the cost of the container. They then receive a laminated card that they show the café server when they want to use a green reusable PBA-free polypropylene container for their food purchase. After use, the container is returned to FNS for washing and sanitizing to ensure proper infection prevention occurs. Currently, FNS has approximately 45 customers participating in the program. The department projects to save over $300 in the first year/annually.  The team remains committed to being environmentally conscientious and continues to look for ways to be ‘more green’ and contain costs. Congratulations to FNS for their consideration to customer feedback and dedication toward improvement!!

*The Louis Pasteur Award for Performance Improvement is a Stoughton Hospital internal recognition awarded quarterly to a department which has demonstrated a way to improve service or reduce costs in the organization.