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900 Ridge Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

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Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at Stoughton Hospital provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language pathology services in a patient-focused care environment with a supportive and dynamic interdisciplinary team. Our therapists provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and education for patients ranging in age from infant to geriatric. The therapy staff have more than 250 years of combined experience. Our skilled professionals and caring staff strive to provide every individual with an increased ability for independence with daily activities and the ability to enjoy life.

Meet Our Therapy Team

Certifications & Specialties

  • Astym
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Certified Clinical Instructors
  • Dry Needling
  • LSVT-BIG Certifications for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lymphedema Specialists
  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS)
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
  • PWR Instructor (Parkinson Wellness Recovery)
  • Sports Rehab
  • Strain-Counterstrain
  • Total Joint Rehab
  • Vestibular Certification

Insurance Coverage

We accept Dean Health Plan, Physicians Plus, Unity, and more. Please have the patient check with
their individual plan regarding coverage of services at Stoughton Hospital.

Two Outpatient Locations

Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered in Stoughton and Oregon.

Stoughton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic
Located at the Stoughton Wellness and Athletic Center
2300 US Highway 51-138
Stoughton, WI 53589
Phone: (608) 873-2292
Fax: (608) 873-1379

Clinic Hours:
Monday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Oregon Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic
990 Janesville Street
Oregon, WI 53575
Phone: (608) 835-5373
Fax: (608) 835-0373

Clinic Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Speech Therapy appointment times are scheduled on an individual basis.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are movement experts who treat people of all ages and abilities, helping them improve and maintain function and quality of life. Physical therapists create individual treatment plans to match each person’s goals, helping them improve their fitness and function, avoid surgery, reduce the use of opioids and other drugs, and partner in their own care.

Treatment May Include:

  • Techniques to improve joint and muscle mobility including manual therapy, dry needling, ASYTM, strain-counterstrain or myofascial release
  • Guided strengthening exercises
  • Steps for postural improvements
  • Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or iontophoresis
  • LSVT-BIG for Parkinson’s Disease treatment
  • Facilitation techniques to improve balance, gait and muscle coordination
  • Evaluation and instruction in assistive devices, e.g., canes, crutches, walkers
  • Fitting of splints, braces and supports
  • Instruction in home exercise programs and self-management of symptoms

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OT) specialize in upper body treatment including but not limited to: orthopedic conditions including tendon and ligament injuries or bone fractures, stroke, brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. The overall goal of occupational therapy is to decrease pain and improve functional performance enabling individuals to return to their daily living tasks and hobbies.

OT also helps to facilitate hand, arm and mental processes that are impaired due to a neurological disorder such as a stroke or head injury; and provides instruction in adaptive techniques for self-care and daily activities.

 Treatment May Include:

  • Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or iontophoresis
  • Techniques to improve joint and muscle mobility including manual therapy and edema management
  • Lymphedema treatment
  • Guided strengthening exercises
  • Techniques to improve fine motor coordination
  • Customized splints
  • Facilitation techniques to improve motor function in the arms/hands
  • Evaluation and instruction in assistive devices, i.e., for improving independence in dressing, feeding, bathing and homemaking
  • Instruction in home exercise programs and self-management of symptoms

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists specialize in the assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders, as well as language and reasoning skills that may be due to a stroke, head injury or developmental disorder.

Diagnostic Testing May Include:

  • Radiology studies of the swallowing mechanism
  • Standardized assessments of language skills and development

Treatment May Include:

  • Techniques to improve oral motor strength and coordination for speech and swallowing
  • Cognitive training and/or compensatory strategies for speech and language deficits


For more information or to make an appointment, please call Stoughton Hospital at the Stoughton Clinic at (608) 873-2292 or Oregon Clinic at (608) 835-5373.