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Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis allows us to move beyond the single number on the scale and understand our body composition in detail. We can analyze percentage of body fat, skeletal mass, lean muscle mass, hydration levels and more in under two minutes.

What is Body Composition Analysis?
• Lean body mass (LBM) – a percentage of the ideal in each limb and in the trunk
• The level of extracellular and intracellular water in the body
• Basal metabolic rate (BMR) – calories the body burns per day without movement
or exercise

• Measure your progress with a baseline analysis and follow up visits
• Develop a plan based on your needs with your nutritionist, personal fitness coach
or physician
• Improve athletic performance
• Understand risks for long-term health complications and how to lessen those

SOZO Body Composition Analyser

How to Prepare for Body Composition Analysis
• Avoid exercise two hours prior to the reading
• Avoid caffeine two hours prior to the reading
• Avoid alcohol 12 hours prior to the reading
• It is best to wear pants, tracksuit bottoms or leggings for the reading

Before the Test is Conducted
• Remove any jewelry
• Remove your socks or stockings
• Empty your bladder just prior to the test

Multiple Visits
It is best to do repeat tests at the same time of day, under similar conditions (activity levels, food and fluid intake) and a minimum of one month apart. You will be provided with a report to take home and progress graphs when you have multiple visits.

Package Options
Single visit – $40
Three visits – $75
12 visits – $125

To schedule your 10 minute appointment, please call Stoughton Hospital Health & Wellness Screenings at (608) 873-2203.

**PLEASE NOTE**: SOZO Body Composition Analysis is not suitable for patients with active implanted medical devices e.g., cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators or life support devices. SOZO has also not been validated for use in pregnant women; therefore we will not be performing tests on those who are (or may be) pregnant.