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Stoughton Hospital Environmental Services

Recently Stoughton Hospital was recognized as one of the top 20 hospitals nation-wide with the cleanest patient rooms, as reported by patients. This information comes from a Medicare required customer experience survey sent out by all hospitals nationwide. In the survey, 92% of Stoughton Hospital patients reported their room and bathroom were “always” clean.  For reference, the national average rate for patients reporting their room and bathroom were “always” clean is 74%.

According to Teresa Lindfors, Vice President of Patient Services, “Clean patient rooms are important in the prevention of airborne pathogens, infection transmission, adverse patient outcomes and illnesses among health-care workers.”  In the absence of proper room care, bacteria and virus spread quickly and may put elderly patients and patients with a weakened immune system at higher risk for serious infections. “We’re extremely proud of our team at Stoughton Hospital,” Lindfors added.